Fruit Talent, perfectly true analog arcade cash out, producing exquisite, bringing players a more exciting experience, so you do not go to the casino will be able to experience anywhere, anytime betting pleasure.

Apples, oranges, coconut, bells, watermelons, 77, Double Star, BAR and other betting games element composition of the fruit lamp, players use game coins to bet on the fruit of hope, and then press the "GO" button, fruit light begins to rotate, when the rotation is stopped, parked in the fruit of the players bet, the player will get the game coins.

If the player winning the case, but also to use the winning game coins to bet on the guess left or right, the guess left or right great irritation, the win is doubled, the loser is cleared.

Has a number of game coins less than 30 at one minute intervals and automatically restore one, but can also be directly in game coins store to get game coins.

"Fruit Talent" action game develop by ChengdDu Origin Technology Co.,Ltd(,and infinite joy from the beginning of "Fruit Talent" !

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"Fruit Talent" can be run on a variety of major divices and exquisite picture and dynamic full:
★iPod Touch

"Fruit Talent" provides three different game modes:
★Old fashioned mode
★Classic mode
★Modern mode

"Fruit Talent" integrates multiple community interaction experience, you can choose a SNS which you like , to interact with the players:
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